Otherside of Luck

Luck is subjective, I suppose. Not real, even. Mine finally just took a drastic turn for the better.

It started with a surprise from my mom on Saturday. Now it’s my job from last summer…but better. (Or so my boss is working on.) So my summer paycheck might be more, which I desperately need…

Even though that also eats away into any breathing room I had hoped for/planned for May…

I’ll take the extra pay. I need that pay. It’ll up the amount in my Savings account quite a bit, and get me closer to being ready to move come next year.

So that kept me giddy all day, until I had to go into lab. I’m not overly fond of how my assignment came out, but it’s at least going to allot me a passing grade. I basically floundered the entire night, slaving away to even remotely get it to look presentable…

Oh well. Today is a fun assignment night. May check out a guest speaker beforehand. Not sure yet.

Back to the origin of this post though…

My luck is doing better. ❤ I feel like I can handle whatever is coming. Now if only I could keep my ass in gear about yoga. 😉

~ a little white dove


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