No Sleep, Headaches, and Accomplishments

So I didn’t sleep (two hour nap-ish), and my teacher liked how my assignment came out. I’m rather proud of myself on that one.

Currently, I’m trying to get myself up and ready to storyboard. But I’m snacking (ohgodIneedtostop…) and vegging for a bit. Got some audio effects done, so I’m getting back on top of my shit.

My spoils from momma should be in tomorrow, and that means I need sleep tonight so I can correctly backup my data on my phone, and wipe the fucker’s memory so I can secure my Blackberry account…

And sign up for Directed Studies. Nothing else appealed to me…shame, really. Oh well. Almost done. Less than eight months to go!

Sleep well, my lovelies. ❤ And send me luck that I do not kill my phone’s sim card…

~ a little dove of white


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