Two Days, Sharing Six Hours of Sleep

So you can imagine how out of it I am currently (and how heavy and fat too…ugh.) Trying to multitask proved hellish. Survivable, but hellish.

Had to try and send off several gigabytes (for five renders, mind you), which took far too damn long, and storyboard (still not done…), and acquire and Add/Drop slip for my last class for the following semester.

Found things funny that weren’t. Probably off putting many. I’ve three weeks until I’m home, though. And really I’m just desperate for some peace and quiet. Some isolation, Some time to reflect on me, myself, and I.

Well, and some of the mud I’ve sunken into. But I digress. Regardless, I’m on a trek where I need to figure out my due course…whether I think I’m ready for it or no.

Now on other notes- new phone is beautiful. ❤ Too bad it remains inactive until a new SIM card is delivered (free of charge, because T-Mobile done did fuck up with their info…)

Aaand two very dear friends of mine are getting married this summer! (Just engaged, to be married in July.) Crazy crazy! Now I need to really get into shape, and get rid of this arm hair… -_-

Oh well. Things are curiously exciting right now. ❤ Chaos and time constraints. Happiness and love. Strength and stability. Adventure and comfort.

It’s becoming beautiful in this mayhem. ❤

~ a little white dove


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