Tired Quiet

That’s how you can find me, today. Watching the day pass by outside, letting the fresh air come in through an open window.

Homework was sidelined today. But I’ll manage, like I always do. It was nice to relax post class. Should have gone for a walk, but I found watching sill mishaps from Little Big Planet 3 on Youtube to be a bit more…”productive”. (I live online too much. I really do…)

Latest assignments are going to take quite a bit of time to get through these next few weeks. I’m heading home in three weeks…

Then an entire summer’s worth of work, a wedding, and personal work for myself to pull through. So yes, forgive me if I’m a bit lackluster and incredibly exhausted and sidetracked right now. It’ll pass.

Anyway. I was thinking in a calm bubble today. A few recollections. A few understandings. And always contemplation.

It all boils down to childhood. Who we were, and who we grew up to be. How very few idealistic friends I’ve had… Yet here we all are, in our twenties and some married, some striving for absolute greatness…

And then those of us still trying to find just what it is we’re after in life.

As the wind rustles the trees painfully outside my window, I’ll continue to mull over such thoughts over a cup of tea…with some candy I do believe… then stretch out my core and call it a night. I’m doing cardio tomorrow after I get some needed rest. And storyboarding. Then onwards to animating cameras and fixing settings in them through Maya 2016.

Rest tonight, my lovely little origins. ❤

~ a little dove of white


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