One Day Off

And I still cannot cut everyone out, even for 24 hours…

What a tiring roundabout I keep putting myself through.

Anyway, managed to complete all assignments for one class last night, so today I took a breather. It was nice…even though I almost started yelling at my roommate about the door slamming. If she’d just take responsibility, then I’d have no problem. But she doesn’t. Hopefully tonight I’ll sleep

I digress. It’s not worth the hassle.

In other news, creeper awkwardly hanging around my dorm’s building. He even started following me. But me being smart, took to the main entrance and he awkwardly changed course. Saw him two more times, and I should have called the cops (stupid me), however another girl found him peering in on the girl’s bathroom down the hall, from the outside. Lovely. So the campus PD and the security here are on patrol. No idea if they found him yet or no. Regardless…he’ll meet his fate anyway.

And boy decided to talk a little. Then fell asleep on me. Great. Fantastisch. I’m logging out of social media. I’m going to storyboard come the morrow. (Hopefully stretch my poor back.)  And I’m only slightly kicking myself for giving time I didn’t particularly want to give. I need a vacation.

Otherwise a quiet weekend. I have pretty nails, too. So I mean…not a total waste?


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