Storyboards, Pens, and After Effects

Really, there’s not much to report.

Almost done storyboarding (it looks rather mediocre. Will clean it up.) My roommate wants fabric pens (how she doesn’t know what those are astounds me…) And a friend of mine turned to me, rather than her TA, for help with a program I’m becoming astute at.

Otherwise mind is reeling. How I’m going to show that I’m well worth the investment for a working Visa outside of the United States is unknown to me currently. Still giving me stress and anxiety.

Oh- my new SIM card arrived today. Tomorrow I’ll be getting that activated, and I’ll tinker with my new phone!

All else-wise? I’m tired. My best friend is determined to kidnap me when I graduate, and take me to Florida to be with her and her husband (who added me on Facebook today!).

Really, I’m just trying to get things set and done. I go home in about 17 days. And then I’ll still be equally as busy. Though I’ll have some solitude.

I think I’ll start bellydancing and bleach my teeth. Maybe I’ll lose sanity and dye my brown-gold-highlighted hair auburn if I really lose the few remaining marbles in my possession…

Who knows? Summer is nearing. And I’ve a lot to do!

(I know I’ve appeared quite whiny and pessimistic. And I do apologize. Profusely.

Floundering on my own is taking its toll. There’s only so much I can do, yet everyone seems to have it in their heads I’m capable of doing it all, whether to their awe or disdain, it doesn’t matter- same idea.)

Truthfully, I can’t. I’m human. I’m beautifully, brokenly flawed.

Learn that, I beg of the world. I’m not superhuman…!

~ a little dove of white


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