Through the Ongoing Headache

It wasn’t a very good day all around. Not terrible, nein- nicht schlecht. Just not a good day.

I now have two interviews Monday. One to be a peer educator assistant (no pay) next semester. The other to get my old job back (please please please let me gain it back…)

New phone is activated, at least. And it runs rather well! Got a few apps installed, and I’ve signed up for Instagram.

Otherwise? Couldn’t focus in class. Couldn’t be bothered to care too much. Then had to schedule two interviews.

But hey- boyfriend and his friend were streaming today!

Aaand I spent the majority of it talking to their friends rather than them…oops. But it was great! Guns, ink, and nerdiness. (I am still a woman of the rural towns, what can I say? I like me a strong drink, a strong man, and a needle painting my skin with ink. 😉 )

Currently nursing the ongoing headache I’ve had for…a week now. Going home in two weeks and three days. Then I get to continue being an adult. It’s rather sad.

I’m tired. Sleepy, sleepy tired. And eating too much…even though realistically I’m not. One meal a day on average is going to bode terrible for me…


At least my storyboard is about complete. One good thing going for me, besides a working phone!


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