Woke Up. Accomplished. Too Heavy a Plate.

I woke up. I survived the day. I felt like absolute shit through all of it.

Teacher has decided I really need to press for showcasing. Lucky me! (Not). He wants it in a week. All of my work. And anymore added to it to ensure it fits…

So that means implementation of sound, effects, transitions, etc. And my animatic. On top of one final I need to do. I just can’t catch a breather right now. I hate that, but I endure regardless. This isn’t the worst I’ve had to pull through. Not by a long shot. I’m just exhausted in multiple ways.

However I found entertainment through my best friend’s husband! He was livestreaming today. And so I came in online and chatted with him. It was a great time. A sweet guy. Who already thought highly of me due to his wife. (Love that chicky. ❤ )

Anyway. Scarce word from him.

Found a pair of slacks and a pair of shoes for under $50 total. I’m a happy girl.

Now I’m contemplating everything, so my mind is shutting down.

Best prospects? Get employment over the summer. Animate. Scarce internet vegging. Work out. Eat better. Go to childhood friend’s wedding. Get ink and piercings somewhere in there. Return to college for four more months. Graduate. Move.

The latter? I have three options to pursue I know of currently. Several more to look into.

Sorry Austin, TX. But I know too many people planning on flocking there…

Now I’m exhausted. Still feel terrible. And just want some rest. But the next two weeks will prove inept in that regard.



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