I Just Want Sleep

That’s all. Nice, quiet, peaceful sleep. But due to insomnia and stress, that’s just not possible right now.

Have I ever mentioned my insomnia?

I don’t have a severe, causeless case of it. It’s due to high rates of thought patterns and stress. Sometimes together, sometimes not.

Whatever. Here I am, though. Struggling every day to find motivation to do what needs to be done. Tomorrow I have to call my bank, looking for my federal tax refund. Need to get my phone synced up to the campus wifi. And proceed to complete an entire assignment as quickly as I can manage.

Really. I just want some rest. But none to be found.

However my day was made, and I feel bad for laughing now…

An energetic young man was talking to several people, when I more or less walked out on them (was leaving my dorm’s building), and he cracked a joke how I was there to talk to him too. Had such a long week, and too much crap going on around me…

I couldn’t help but laugh. He then eagerly introduced himself, and mentioned his name. When I passed on mine, he seemed so shocked. And enthralled… I chuckled again.

Hope I run into him again. I owe him an apology. And I have an inquiry as to where he’s from. Had an accent I couldn’t quite pinpoint.

Elliot- thank you for being the highlight of the day. 😀 May you continue to be boisterous!

Wish me luck through tomorrow, all of you my lovelies… </3

~ a little white dove


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