Spent all night finishing panels, assembling my After Effects files, and timing my storyboard.

I’m a little bit doomed. However, I can manage! It’s just going to be a lengthy senior project.

My effects look pretty cool. They’ve been assembled together, and it’s looking great. However now that I think back on it…I may have to take it apart for showcase. (Sigh.)

Not much else to tell. Roommate made me livid. So I’m doing my best to ignore her.

Like always, I’m the victim. And it’s my fault- in one go!

Basically favors for me are a no-no. I’m simply meant to give, and keep on giving, until I drop dead.


Haven’t slept since Monday night.

Also eating a healthier amount…though I believe that’s from exhaustion. I’ll be better about exercising when I return home in a week.

Everything is hectic! But I don’t mind. I’d rather, though, some peace, solitude, and ink done on my thigh as I work away at my senior project.

Soon enough, little bird…soon enough.


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