Broken DNS, Online and Off

Maybe it’s my sleep deprivation. But I’m amused. A slew of bad luck is striking people I know left and right (not all, but a few of them have been hounded by it.) Yet here I am…who didn’t sleep a wink. I can barely keep my eyes open, yet I persevered through the day.

I’m showcasing. As long as I make a few quick fixes, I’m showcasing my After Effects work on May 12th. Well, it’ll be put through the showcase. Whether I attend or not, is a different story.

Meanwhile, this evening found an email stating I have all of this copious amounts of paperwork  to fill out…for financial aid.

I’m doomed. Intricately doomed.

Anyway- the DNS? Yeah. Can’t get my desktop version of Skype to properly open. It’s stuck in a perpetual loop of cannot connect. Which means something happened between it and my school’s wifi.

Oh well. Not like anyone’s talking to me on that platform right now anyway.

I’m also feeling heavy and like I’m gaining weight. So guess who’s starting a soup diet for a week?

This little lady.

I’m almost done with the semester. Technically, just have one assignment to do.

Oh, and finally hurt my roommate emotionally. Beautiful. Now she’s going to expect this conversation when I don’t have time OR energy to properly execute such a topic.

Though one must wonder- how can someone not understand prioritizing another person in any type of relationship? Friend, family, romantic, business…

I’m thoroughly perplexed.

~ a little white dove


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