Gaining Another Pound

I went through class. Tried keeping my head low. Annoyances everywhere. I feel heavy in the stomach.

Tomorrow I have to call the financial aid department out for incompetence. I checked my FAFSA. Nothing adds up to the paperwork they’re expecting me to fill out.

I’m doing fine all around. Just feeling unhealthy and tired. Got into a slight argument with my mother.

I love her. But she infuriates me because she can never be wrong about something she said.

We’re all flawed. But it’s infuriating because it’s getting worse the older she gets. At this rate I’ll have no choice but to drag her in for a medical scan on that head of hers. It’s just getting worse, and dementia does sporadically run in our family.

We can’t afford it. But what choice are either of us going to have?

On top of that, been lazy so any form of self health I’ve thrown out the door. I’ll go for a walk tomorrow, too. A long one. After strenuous work on my core, arms, and legs. I don’t have a choice.

Roommate’s been quiet around me today. She wants to talk about it. But she doesn’t understand. So there’s no point in me wasting my time, really.

An acquaintance has popped back on again. Don’t want to deal.

Really, I don’t want to deal with anyone. I want to finish my last assignment(s) strong. Go back to the mountains. And relax. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll hear back about the job. I’m desperate. I need the cash. Anything, if it means I get out of here before next August. Before next May, preferred.

I haven’t told anyone that, yet. I’m pushing to move in less than a year. No guarantees…however I’m moving, hands down without question, before August 2017.

Everyone. Will. Flip.


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