Heavy Heat in May

Well, to be fair we’ve felt so much worse. Today the air is just pressing today.

I woke up too late to deal with my financial aid. They can wait until Monday or Tuesday. But I needed the rest. My back is killing me. I think the stress I’m feeling is just finding places to locate in my body. It’s happened before. I will stretch it out to relieve the building pressure; otherwise my day comprises of shopping for a few supplies and finishing up projects. 🙂

I’m feeling lazy and like my body isn’t as healthy as it needs to be. But I’m feeling better than many. Even with each hurdle being thrown at me, well…

Somehow I’m still here. I’m alive. I’m only 24. Somehow something will go the way I need it to. In a positive direction and light.

When I went to the store earlier, came to see just how hazy the sky is today. You can’t see the mountains.

Also got into yet another argument with my mother.

I’m really, really tired of somehow everything is my fault. She suggested I call the manager at the job I applied for, for the summer. He was meant to call me back this week. Regardless of the verdict. He’s probably busy. They did this last year. Maybe they can’t decide which position to put the few of us that applied?

I don’t know. All I do know, is that I’m swamped with everything dealing with yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

In this hazy heavy heat, I’m also reflecting on 2017. I move. Regardless of my financial situation, I need to step away from this state. But I’ll break a few hearts by doing that. Only my brother knows, and probably my very best friend- only those two know that I plan on applying for working visas outside of the United States.

But this isn’t news to you, dear reader, now is it?

My room is currently a solid 79 degrees Fahrenheit. We have no air conditioner. I pay how much to have this room? And they can’t fix it so it automatically switches from air to heater, depending on the time of year…? Really?

I suppose that’s too much to ask.

My Skype is working again. I don’t really know why I was bothering poking at it. No one messages me on it anymore. Yet another platform I’m tempted to delete/remake.

I’ve also concluded…soup tastes better on the stove over the microwave. I can attest to and justify the amount of time it takes to heat it up on the stove. Infinitely better. 😉 ❤

Otherwise not too much going on tonight. Doing some personal writing as I look for and collect textures. Tomorrow I’ll no doubt be alternating between the animation and post production labs to finish everything I need to. Hopefully catch a break to eat. (I’ve no choice, need the protein.) Will get to stretching out my back once it cools off in here.

Otherwise? Well. Another day I’m feeling a bit batty. 😉

~ a little dove of white


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