Writing Throughout the Day Brings Therapy

All I’ve done today is write. I’m still writing, currently.

Well, I also found a free program to open .rar files and extract things…but besides that, I’ve been writing.

Planning projects, for my mind is capable and open currently to focus and see what needs to be done, and how to approach parts of it.

I need to keep it simple. While Vikings aren’t the most simple, I can make it relatively so. Lots of coins. An ax. A knife. Jewelry. A pool of blood. Blood spatters. And Ragnar’s raven tattoo on the canvas behind the table.

I can manage that in lighting.

Now back to writing. I needed the therapy. I needed to rechannel my thoughts, let them settle elsewhere, and focus on something other than every worry and stress. It made it all so much less significant.

And then, a few hours ago, a video popped up on my Facebook page; one of my friends had shared it.

About living without regret. Not having regrets on their death bed. About not focusing on working all week to have a small reprieve on the weekends. Then rinse, and repeat.

To do what you were destined to dream to do/be/become. For we were all “given a dream”, and to be honest I can get behind that. It’s like destiny, without blatantly calling it that in some spiritual context.

And yes, life is painful. But the rewards of striving for what we dream of by far outweigh the pain that will plague us at the end of our life.

No wonder people would quit their day jobs after seeing that. Too bad for me, I’m unemployed. 😉

Anyway I digress a bit. Point being, I’m not sure what it is I will become in the future. But I’ll continue to write and paint literate pieces for eyes to devour. I’ll continue to meet people often considered oddities or abnormal. I’ll continue to throw people through a loop. I’ll continue to walk the path less trodden, to a tune that no one can quite place. (Oh though they try.)

Signing out of my accounts for a bit with this clarity.

I’ll change media in the future. I’ll help bring this generation together, despite the tension and oppression against such a notion. But even if I can unite and bring together just a few, I’ve done my part.

Then maybe I can live part of the years to come in a comfortable cabin out near the mountains or coastline. 😉

~ a little white dove


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