Completion- 85%

I cut myself from that last fifteen percent due to me needing to fix a compilation render.

However, my light shade render class is…complete? Assignments have been turned in. Just need to attend that last class, hence why I’m indulging in black tea before I take a nice shower.

Still have so much to do. And anyone I could depend on next week is all but gone, save for one…?

Regardless. Complications and difficulties are a normal basis in my life. And in most people’s lives.


No sleep. Feeling it, yet not. Going home in a few days. I’m happy about that. ❤ And not. Some complications I don’t want found out. Well…yet.

Also left alone to clean the dorm…because roommate is too damn…well…no kind way to say it. She’s a dingbat. And can’t wrap her mind around concepts outside of the simple.

And gonna have to miss getting my tattoo until August at this rate… 😦

Oh well. Paycheck is a paycheck. 😉

Good morning loves. ❤

~ a little white dove


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