Courses Completed

I’m done. Done. Done. Done. I just have financial aid to deal with, of which they’ll either send me through a loop or be cooperative.

But my projects are complete. And I’ve managed to do a decent job! I’m officially being showcased for one of the courses, possibly both. To which I’m elated to know.

And then it hit me this evening, over mediocre pancakes and other foods I’m regretting with this stomachache trying to settle mildly. “I’m about done,” especially as I converse with…well…a somewhat of a friend, who acts higher and mightier than several.

All because she walks a cautious route.

I’m really just tired of this repeat conversation.

School is draining for me.


Oh! I have a physical on Wednesday of next week. After I get my paperwork. Lovely, no?

But I’ll be starting about two weeks early, so more money for me for moving next year. ❤

Otherwise? Everything well received. I’m stoked. Have a few errands tomorrow, aaand…yeah.

And a box I’m not sure I want to take with me. On the one hand if someone comes back they’ll be livid if I don’t have it. But on the other…well…they sent it to me, in a free country, where gifts can be used as the receiver sees fit.

I’ll decide come Thursday before my mom gets into town.

What would you do?

~ a little white dove


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