Except not until 2am, apparently.

It was just too damn warm today. But I sorted through things. Got it organized. Fought with Twitch to stop stalling…


Besides receiving a critique from someone I don’t really respect (nor who’s opinion is of any value, neither is their work, to be quite frank), my day was neutral. Had too much ice cream. Had food beforehand. Finally had two beers.

Personal bubble’s being popped. And I hate it.

But I’m okay. Forced to be an adult sucks, but keeps me level right now. I manage to keep relatively neutral company. And while I may have to buy more than I really intend to next week, starting to work so soon after I come home will do me some good. A loud job, for sure, but the company isn’t too shabby.

And I really really need that paycheck…

I’m good. I’m okay. Crawling into bed for a few hours. I’m about 80% packed. The rest will be a breeze when I can get to the rest of my stuff.

I’m okay. ❤

Now if only I could stop hurting my feet…

~ a little white dove


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