Coming Home

On a Friday the 13th.

We survived. We had food. (I’m eating too much). Got home. Mild traffic. Made it back in about 5 hours.

I saw I had three projects in showcase. I was surprised. I’m surprised not more made it in. From the class in general.

This evening I’m going to spend writing. Still in the kick of continuing my personal writing projects.

I’m only mildly surprised he hasn’t wondered if I’m okay. We’ll see how the summer pans out. I’ll be so busy, regardless…

I’ll remain silent to him, until he messages first. For over a month, I’d tried. But his disinterest or laziness…or sheer business… I don’t know. I’m tired of playing these petty games with everyone. I’m tired of everyone treating me like their best friend, to their hero, to the harbinger of their misery. The world needs to make one sole decision. Either be among my company, or leave it alone. I beg of everyone.

This summer is about me. My isolation, no doubt.

But it’s still about me and where I go from here.

My best friend (the one from yesterday), has agreed to apply for working visas together after I graduate. If at least one of us can obtain one…we’re one step closer to going and doing and being what and who we need to do and be.

Binging on Grace and Frankie tonight. Good series. Full of laughs. As I nurse a vodka tonic. A hard drink after a looong last few weeks.

May the summer prove fruitful, may I keep to a healthy regime, and may my journey not stray.

Welcome, Summer 2016.

~ a little white dove


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