Quiet Day at Home

Started unpacking. Turns out we need to reorganize the entire house. So this summer, on top of Senior Project, I’ll be working and reorganizing, seeing as my mom doesn’t seem too inclined. (Whatever.)

I watched a silly movie from my childhood. I watched Bones. I did dishes. I unpacked. I watched the clouds roll in as the wind continue to pick up pace.

I have paperwork to do tomorrow. A physical and drug test the following day.

Basically I’m incredibly busy!

Mom introduced my to American Odyssey today. Brilliant. Show. Highly recommend. Intelligent, intense, and full of enough content to hook you and keep you hooked.

Thrown through a hoop this evening. What it comes down to is a random comment…but no contact otherwise?

I have a few things I’m half tempted to just toss in the garbage.

They find out, they’ll be so pissed.

I’m at my wit’s end here. My best friend will wake up to my text. She’s going to flip. And I hope it’s on his ass, in a sick sense of amusement on my end.

I can be awfully petty. But I don’t like being pulled through loops. I don’t enjoy these games. In fact, I really damn well hate them.

We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue trying to improve my skin, work on my health, and rid myself of this disgusting hair…ugh.

I’m happy my hair is growing at a steady rate right now. It means I can get it restyled come August, to which I’ll be able to allow it to grow and have it nice and pretty mid-length come December when I graduate. 🙂 ❤

Things are getting where they need to be. Just need quiet days at a time. ❤ And more tea in my system. Three cups today! On my way to detoxing my system from nasty foods and junk…again.

I’m hoping for rain tomorrow. ❤

~ a little white dove


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