I really am not a fan of working for the county. No one is ever clear in what it is they want. Or expect. So I’m left floundering. Don’t I have enough of that going on outside of work?

Anyway I digress. Paperwork went well. Processing was fast. Quite honestly mine was the quickest through. It pays to be in your mid-twenties sometimes. Found out a coworker from last summer is returning, too. My amusement will continue onwards. 😉 😀

I have a drug test and physical tomorrow. No idea if I have a ride or will need to call a cab. Cross your fingers for me. ❤

A…cryptic message on a site I frequent has me thinking silently.

My own stubbornness I need to rein in, I think. I’m at a point I’m going to ruin myself if I don’t calm down. But it’s so difficult when it’s sink or swim at this point. People expect to be given, and then never reciprocate.

This isn’t news.

Anyway. Still can’t find my diploma. What a predicament. This weekend we’re cleaning the house.. Top to bottom. I need it reorganized.

Hopefully by then I’ll find my diploma…

Drinking tea. Hoping for some rest. May have to call for a cab tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

I just can’t win. But I’m okay.

It’s been raining. It makes me crave a coastal abode…at least for a while. ❤


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