Quiet Day at Home

Lazy? Check.

Fat? Check.

Finished American Odyssey? You bet!

Three cups of hot, healthy tea in a day? I’m just on a roll!

My mom needed a day of rest. To which I was glad to have as well. I slept for twelve hours. Concerning, apparently. But for me, I needed the uninterrupted rest.

I forgot to mention my streak of A’s again, I think, for this last semester to which you’ve seen my ups and my downs. I passed. With good grades I’ve relatively earned. Through it all, I came out strong. At this rate I’ll be graduating in December at the top tier with GPA and accumulative grades…maybe not the top ranked person, but among the top in terms of GPA alone.

I should have joined more Honors Societies. I slightly regret that, now. But I’ve had very little time to do anything outside of classes and maintaining friendships.

I’m correcting that come August.

And if by some miracle I’m garbed in a Crimson Robe…well…

I might cry at that.

Not holding my breath. But hey, you never know, right?

Now switching gears- does anyone remember me talking about a certain Scorpio? (Not the man I came into a relationship with, he’s the Virgo.)

Well he’s now in a relationship! To which I’m happy about. He’s not a bad guy. Just wasn’t consistent enough in his pursuit of me to maintain interest. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I reciprocated the chase…but he’d never have been “my one and only”.

Is my Virgo? Well the cards are in the air, there. But the likelihood with him is substantially more likely than that of the Scorpio.

I hope she treats him well. And vice versa.

Catching up with a friend of mine on Sunday- the one marrying one of my longest-held friends. They’re adorable together.

I’m not envious of them and their relationship. I’m shocked by how often I’m not, to be quite honest. For all of my friends who are in good, well-rounded relationships or marriages.

I worry more about my life than I delve on jealousy. I worry about time.

A silly notion, I know…

But time scares me. And no matter what people say, I’ve yet to find a way to correct that fear.

Silly silly.

~ a little white dove


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