Its howling today. Off and on.

So I stayed inside. And kept to myself. And finished a chapter I’ve been writing for a private, personal project. I had a spider crawl on my arm as I was unpacking more of my stuff. So you can imagine what happened next…

Like typical me, I panicked, flailed around while screaming silently. And proceeded to cripple the damn pest, then drown it in bug spray.

At least I’m void of any bite marks?

Bones marathon continued.

But what made my day was the message from my best friend I woke up to (quite literally- my phone was buzzing!) And an acquaintance/friend from high school messaging me to hang out soon.

Besides the spider. I’m okay.

The key is taking life a day at a time.

For now, though- I must wonder. Why is it the wind strikes when I’m awake, and my mother is either out or asleep…?



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