Cool Day, Injuries All Around (I Hate Crickets)

So mom and I shouldn’t have been allowed out and about. We were both crippled today.

She hurt her back.


I burned the knuckles on my right hand twice with hot water. And due to a cricket being sprayed with bug killer…

Well, it decided to jump backwards off the wall, at me. I panicked. (I hate bugs. HATE THEM.) I proceeded to jump backwards so hard and fast the house did quake (foundation is flexible due to the area we live in), and slammed back down onto the foot with the swollen ankle.

It’s been three weeks of this, too, on it. Swollen. Healing at a snail’s pace.

Now I’m feeling bloated, heavy, injured, and all around grumpy.

On the bright side my paperwork has been finished and mailed. I’m done there (for now). My shirts have been paid for.

I’m caught up, besides needing to work out (I’m one accident away from the hospital again. That’s not happening.) And needing to organize the house, my stuff, and prioritize my inventory.

But in time, that will all prevail.

The temperatures cooled down today. The wind wants to linger, but the air feels so much better.

To top it off, a message from someone. And really I don’t know how I feel about it. Or…how I’m not feeling about it.

It scares me how bored I become, and easy it is for me to vanish on people…

It really, honestly, truly scares me sometimes.


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