Momma’s Still in Pain

So we got nothing done.

Bomb Girls is a good show. Sad to know it only made it through three seasons. And impressed I am, by some of Canada’s shows. The United States needs to take into account what makes a good show nowadays.

I digress. I’m increasingly picky; about my food and drink, my music, my taste in clothing, and my tastes in men.

Anyway. Cool day still. Temperatures weren’t high. Stretched out my back this evening. It felt good to force my spine to twist, and my arms to bear my weight.

Going to the store for booze tomorrow for her. Otherwise? I don’t actually know how my day will unfold. Aches, pains, stress… Always present.

Always aggravating.

We shall see.

Drink some tea. Eat better.

I have my goals. I’m still tired and dogged by how people try to input their own expectations.

Yeah. It’s still happening. And it’s shutting me down more and more.


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