Waking Up Past 1pm

That’s my day. Meant to do and get so much done.

Never turns out that way, does it?

Made a response. Did dishes. Washed fruit.

Maybe tomorrow will prove more productive.

Or maybe I’ll just game all day?

Whatever comes, may come.

I don’t know. I also saw some stressing news about the poor couple who run BFvsGF on YouTube. Personal lives need to remain private. And I wish them the best and find peace in their endeavors from here on. <2

Good news of the day? I’m now roughly 34 – 32 – 36 in size measurements. I’m at a healthy distribution. Need to slim down more. But working out regularly just hasn’t been possible with my ankle.

New shoes coming this week should prove better?

Will keep up to date!

(Also, keep drinking tea. ❤ Tea will slim you down, and keep the immune system regulating properly.)

Anyway lovelies, I’ll be writing for the rest of the night before I drag myself into bed.

~ a little white dove


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