It was just too warm today. To the point that when mom came home we put in the window air conditioners, and worked hard to cool the house down. It was terrible.

Put it this way- already 77 degrees before 11am. For this time of year, for my area, that’s pretty brutal. June or no, it’s hard on us mountain dwellers.

Bugs are everywhere; predominantly spiders.

I’m tired of the bugs. Of my ankle still not properly healed up.

But my mood is substantially more stable. Cutting ties to toxins, and putting myself back on a natural antidepressant are helping me quite a bit.

Tomorrow I have lunch with a friend. I’m tempted to hand over some stuff of mine to him until I have room and organize myself again. We’ll see, though.

Eyeing a daith piercing. But I might go for a tragus first.

In time. First I must heal. Reorganize. Work. Work more. And then come August I’ll know what it is I want and need for myself- in terms of body modification, of course. 😉 After all,  my ink is a given. ❤

Perhaps it will continue to rain through the night?

~ a little white dove


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