June Means Distant Thunder

Of which touches us not.

All I’ve done today was clear out more stuff I don’t need or particularly want.

I have yet to clear everything from him yet. That will take time. but from family? Yes, it’s about time  I clear that line of clutter out.

I’ve eaten too much today. But I’ve also eaten relatively okay. I’ll either work out this week, or allow my cycle to pass and keep myself comfortable.

In the mood for Kingdom Hearts, but that takes energy. Sad notion that my mom’s not overly fond of that series. I’m a sucker for it.

Ah well. I’ll find my balance.

Anyway, had three drinks tonight. And I’m fading. I’ll likely crash soon in order to wake up earlier.

Hopefully find time to exercise in the morning, even just a little. Work starts Monday. Time to start getting healthier and focused.

No rain our way. Just distant thunder.and loud cover staving off the worst of the heat…


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