Lazy Sunday, Week of Work

Sums it up, no?

Orlando was hit with a tragedy. So really my life isn’t so interesting nor important today, comparatively. 50 people dead, last I knew. By someone who should not have had access to firepower like he had.

And people wonder why I’m so negative. People wonder why I’m so spiteful and disappointed.

I’m not thrilled, because my best friend lives close to that city. And she didn’t tell me what was going on. Or if she was okay. I sent her a text saying how happy I was that she was okay. And in the end? I got a very generic little text back. Like it wasn’t a big deal.

I’m not happy. But what does the world care?

It doesn’t. So I’m on my own.

I’ve done good, though. May have found the perfect place for my mom to move to. I’m on my way to better things and places.

Now if I could stick to a healthy way of living, I’d be golden.

But in the end, I don’t matter.

Though, neither do your prayers. Or your thoughts.

Start acting, people. To fix this broken system we live in. People are dying who shouldn’t. Corporate America is a living entity now.

Stop putting up with this hell we’re damned to. And start fighting for the rights of all, not the 1%.

I’m sorry. I’m in a mood. And I can’t sleep right now.

May this wake the country’s eyes up, though. We’re in purgatory until we take back what was meant as ours…


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