E3 2016 and Work

First day of work went well. I’m the mean one. Typical. However someone has to be the voice of reason and stop them from doing something that will lead to them getting hurt.

It also felt very routine and familiar. Sigh. Not a bad thing. Just…is what it is. Meaning this summer might be a breeze. However teaching art is going to be…er…interesting.

My financial aid came through- I have more this semester coming my way than before. So I’ll survive, even with the extra class.

Orlando still looms over everyone’s heads. Yet I know so few who won’t lend a hand in the grand scheme. That’s what bothers me. Nothing changes. And I’m shaking my head here over that. Things never change.

On a lighter note, E3 2016 is doing pretty well. Not super exciting, but I’m ecstatic because The Last Guardian is now scheduled for an official release- October 25, 2016.

I’m ecstatic. Elated, even.

Sony’s taken the gold again. It’s artistic, and innovative in how it approaches grabbing audience empathy, sympathy, and overall immersive interest. It’s innovative and clever, and by all the gods it’s my end goal- to be a part of E3 in such a manner as that. Or whatever expo becomes the next big deal, should E3 collapse.

Work again at 7am. Not so excited. But survive I shall. I’ll be home at least for Square Enix’s conference.

~ a little white dove


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