Day Two of Work

Already drama and complications!

I’ll spare the details (more for legal issues). However younger coworkers not pulling their weight, to a few safety issues, and me being a clutz.

But hey- I have facility keys now, and am quite happy with how its all turned out to be. To be trusted and having risen in rank since last summer? It’s satisfactory. ❤ (I’m just not making nearly enough…)

I need to work out, but that’s not new. Some days I feel fine about my shape. Other days I cringe. Currently cringing. But my face looks…decent. I look tired, but I have my moments I look fine.

E3 is what it is. Wasn’t bothered by today’s too much. Kingdom Hearts revealed new gameplay for 0.2, and seeing Terra and Aqua like that really shows improvement in Aqua’s character.

I have yet to take a gander at Nintendo’s conference. I’m indifferent, really. I know where my heart and loyalties lie in home gaming. 😉

Anyway. Things are okay. ❤

~ a little white dove


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