Evacuation Shelter

That’s what my place of employment became today. Hardly anyone there, aside from evacuees coming and going, as well as news anchors from one of the local channels.

It’s crazy. This is the closest to home I’ve ever seen this kind of thing before.

I was let off two hours early from work. I was given tomorrow off, until my direct supervisor messaged me to call him back.

We’re relocating to another facility for the day, while the center remains open to evacuees. From 7am to 1pm.

I’ll take the hours.

More importantly, I’ll do what’s needed of me. I’d rather help and not be payed, really, than to be payed and not care about what it is I’m doing.

I’m an Aquarius through and through.

Hopefully this fire will slow down, before anyone else’s homes have been destroyed.

Three coworkers evacuated. One of my best friends prepared to follow.

It’s only just begun, this fire season…


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