Discomfort in Unfamiliar Territory

That’s how the day was, for many people.

The fire still burns on. While we were among a group of people we didn’t know, operating under situations and rules we didn’t know nor were we prepared for.

Watching anxiously as smoke billows in from Arizona, as ours reaches outwards toward the east.

With that, exhaustion is setting in on me. We have a 16,000+ acre fire scorging close to home. One friend is close to evacuating; three coworkers already have. We have another fire burning for over a month. And our neighboring states are catching flame. Work has been stressful. Good, but stressful. Hoping for things to calm

On top of that, removing bits and pieces of yesterday is still taking time. There are days I’m at peace, and there are days I want to tear him a new one. And not just him, but so many people.

I don’y feel well today. Honestly I feel terrible.

My mom now being passive aggressive tonight is just pissing me off more.

I hate it.

I’m tired. I’m not feeling stable. I’m exhausted, stressed, and have a hell of a lot on my shoulders right now.

So if someone wants something from me, fucking as it. Or else I’m doing my thing as I have available time.

Not like people get that.

Watching what happens through Sunday. May the winds not send it all our way…


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