Tantrum Upon Waking

Not enough sleep. Allergy riddled. Couldn’t breathe properly. I was on a tyraid for two hours that had my mom wanting to ring my neck.

Luckily, she didn’t. 😉 But I did cause quite a mess. Also had several coughing fits; one of which uprooted acid from my stomach and winded me, as well as burned my throat pretty bad.

So anyway- the heat. The heat is horrible. We had to install another A/C unit in the window. Blazingly hot. I’m miserable in this heat.

However I’m getting through organizing stuff bit by bit. I have issues throwing shoes out- but it must be done. Tomorrow will be a repeat, as well as keeping an eye on that fire. It’s predicted that it will come my way, in terms of direction. But with 15-20 miles separating it from us, we’ll probably be alright. But I can’t swear to anything.

This heat is going to kill us. We need rain…

We need it before the rest of my mountains go up in 100ft. blazes…

~ a little white dove


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