Denim and Heat

Wore jeans. Terrible choice. So instead tomorrow I’m back to shorts. (Shaved and everything this evening.)

Summer heat is tiring. But even so my thoughts continue to tick and click and try to mesh together like the puzzle of a machine with its gears.

Not much to report on at work. Been mouthier than I should have been. However so far, perhaps I’m still in the clear.

Have two to three events this weekend. Bachelor/Bachelorette party. Shopping for the wedding next weekend.

And to top it all off, my best friend told me the day preceeding it that she and her husband were in a car accident. Both are fine. A little bruised, but fine.

Just one thing on top of another, no? But all is well. And I’m feeling a bit healthier. Need to do yoga. Constantly. Concisely. It is what gives me peace of mind. But trying to reach a point where I feel like I can get to it is proving rather tricky.

So instead, I’ll indulge in more tea. ❤


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