Mishaps, I’m Only Human

Just a few mishaps. Everything’s okay. Small bout of trouble, but I’m not in trouble.

I’m prone to mistakes. It makes me human.

And it surprises me still how it also make me rather resilient to just “okay“. I digress. Improvising tomorrow with an activity, due to lacking of certain objects I needed. So we’ll see how that goes.

If nothing else, beads.

Meanwhile I’m getting back into yoga. Digestion, relaxation, and clarity in thoughts and processing of the mental level are in need right now, through December.

It’s all so thrilling. And I’m enamored by it. I’m just behind in what I’d had hoped to have accomplished.

But to err is to be human…I suppose. But I have time. A silly, ridiculous notion that we only vaguely gave definition to.

We are such silly beings.


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