Clumsy at Work

I keep making small mistakes. I’m not too worried about them. I’m trying. I’m doing okay. Just a bit of chaos among every aspect of my life right now.

Also accumulated four cuts on my hand Monday, and I’ve no idea as to how or why.

Getting mixed signals from coworkers.

Also ha a friend yesterday find out news I wasn’t ready to share; however he’s sworn to secrecy. He knows how much this may mean to me, and he’s on-board with my superstition that the more people know, the less my chances are.

Also one of the fridges at work was totally doing the opposite of what it was supposed to. Cooked, spoiled milk- oh yay!

And more property damage. I probably shouldn’t have screamed “I hope you fucking die!” outside. But whatever. The cops weren’t called on me. And they were long gone.

Just hate it. My dad had made that saw horse. Now its busted.



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