Inevitable Endless Chaos

All in one day. Can you believe it?

Seems no matter where at work today, something was amiss. Good news is boss doesn’t dislike me still! Bad news today- more incident reports than imaginable for this summer.

Anyway, it was otherwise just fine. šŸ™‚

However a friend is still bothering me and another. And really, there isn’t much we can do. They put themselves into their current funk, and getting them out relies solely on them. We’ve tried for years. Now, it’s a matter of a waiting game.

And a wedding this weekend. Getting there is easy. Getting home isn’t going to be quite so…


Everything will manage as it needs to. Keeping my head low for now. Seems to be working in my favor…

Just now managed to spill relatively hot tea all over myself…

I think that’s a sign for me to end the evening sooner rather than later, no?


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