So we woke up late. And I almost missed work. Almost. Mom dismissed her alarm. I had none set.

Lucky me I had twenty minutes to get ready before I was out the door and on track to work.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t showered. So I felt quite disgusting. But it was a much better day than yesterday.

I also am sporting two new bruises on the same leg… Who knows how those happened.

Anyway. The title suggests something, no?

Cottonwood trees.

I’ve been seeing tufts from them floating around all week. Guess who’s allergic to said trees?

I feel absolutely terrible.

And to top it off I have infuriating, uneducated coworkers. But that’s something I probably cannot discuss. Oh well. 😉

Feeling the weight of allergies setting in, and I am sporting a heavy, light-headed skull. So perhaps bed is my best option for the night…

Gute Nacht. ❤

~ a little white dove


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