Pivot and a Wrench; Crippled Again

I was a lazy potato. And then as I was being good and vacuuming the bathroom floor, my foot caught on a tile and wrenched my bad foot the wrong way.

Now I’m hobbling along.

And pivoting, which is my natural gait, is not boding well at all.

So here I am this evening. Sighing at how pudgy I’ve been this weekend. And regretting not being able to see two friends of mine.

And wondering just why I keep getting injured like this.

Ah well.

It rained for a bit. And a bat flew over our house today. ❤

And ten days until I clear more clutter from my life. 🙂 Will elaborate on the 27th.

Until then, cross thine fingers that I don’t make my foot worse this week…


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