Anger. Work. And A Respiratory Tea

Coworkers piss me off. Usurping me and taking what I’ve been hired to do from out underneath me.

Work is tiring, and I’m not paid nearly enough to care as much as I do about it. I calmed down when I realized it’s not the end of the world. And I really aren’t paid enough to care too much.

But I was gifted two cupcakes today. And you know what? It made the day so much better.

I smiled at the end of it, because soon I’m returning to the environment in which I blossom and grow. I have so much to accomplish, and so little time to do it. But I can succeed, so long as I put my feet forward one step at a time.

After work I had a long chat with one of my best friends. 2016 just hasn’t added up to what we’ve needed. I suggested it was a prelude before a calm next year. Here’s to hoping I’m not wrong, and have some gift of premonition foresight.

Momma picked up a medicinal tea targeted to respiratory problems for me today. The taste is…bizarre. I’m not overly fond of it. However if it relaxes my lungs so I can breathe properly without strain, I’ll suffer through it.

Mondays are Mondays. Just four more days of work. And tomorrow I plan on calling my tattoo artist. It’s time for my next ink. 🙂


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