Cleaning Out

That’s what I’m doing on my social media.

Namely, eliminating aspects of him.

It’s not that I’m angry or holding a grudge. I just refuse to keep filth in my life after a point.

So as I sip away at my medicinal tea, I’m deleting pieces and baggage and anything toxic.

That includes deleting him from Facebook, too. Skype and other social media? I’ll keep him on there until January 1st. Then I’m eliminating any ties we had. Blocking is a beautiful feature, no?

Anyway- yes, more medicinal teas. Respiratory problems still transpiring, unfortunately.

Work was…interesting. Broke a thumb nail. And I still need to fill out an evaluation for work. Some people are in trouble- and just now my boss is doing something about it.

He’s a sweet man. But sometimes the efficiency I wonder about… He is busy, though…so I’ll do as instructed and I’ll continue to keep my head low and my game winning by utilizing the sweetness card.

So cleaning out. Two more days of work. And respiratory problems.

I’m feeling alright about all of this. 🙂


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