Long Day Of Pettiness

That’s all there is to it. Today was absolutely atrocious. Stupid coworkers, and no one listening all day.

And by stupid, I mean immature adults who through mini temper tantrums because, due to their own faults, were put on a form of suspension at work. Still working- just didn’t get to do the fun aspects this week.

Meanwhile I got paid for the extra two and a half hours I worked on Tuesday; was only expecting to be paid for two, not the half. 🙂

No word from him. Respiratory issues still going. Napped rather than called my tattoo guy. Oh well. I still have time.

Meanwhile here I am, feeling the day kicking me still.

It’s been a long, long day. And my voice is going, again.

So more medicinal tea and honey for me. (Gettin’ real tired of this taste…)


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