Monday and a Withdrawal

Getting anything done is just so hard. Doing the best I can.

Just a day at a time. Had my best friend help me edit down the premise for my senior project.

Tomorrow will be the test.

Need to find companies I could possibly contact for portfolio development.

At least I have folders organized now…


Sunday Shopping

I have groceries now!

Well, mostly. 😉 Still need some stuff but can grab those across the street.

I’m gonna try my hand at a chicken and bean soup. It’ll be interesting, anyway, to see what unravels!

Also mac n’ cheese. And smoke sausage.

And laundry.


Let’s not mention that…’kay?

Time Management and I

We aren’t friends. We try to be. And we almost make it.

But then something happens (my fault). And we have a falling out. (Again, my fault…predominantly.)

However I slept. I did yoga. I did cardio. Then I got unhealthier food but it wasn’t too awful for me, and I monitored how much I ate. Began and ended my day with tea. 🙂

I’m getting there. And I’ve been contemplating everything. So tomorrow is a coffee kind of day.

Otherwise it was another quiet day. I couldn’t roll out of bed until just before 1pm. I’ll be better tomorrow. ❤


So getting things done is only going so-so.

Headaches, early mornings. Let’s not forget the psychotic cockroach crawling around my room this morning.

Not what I needed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve poisoned myself with Raid a little bit. (Oops.)

Anyway. Possibly for opportunities I need to keep my eye out for. So we shall see how my luck fairs for the future ahead.

It’s time to start taking care of me. Whatever that entails. I’ll get to it. Time to build. Grow. Rejuvenate. And take the plunge.

Now if I could get guys off my back right now, I’d be happier.

And a trip to the cheaper grocery store.

Sad, though- some cousins were in town back home and I couldn’t see them. However they’ve opened their home to me back east if I manage to find myself that way for whatever reason life has. ❤

I’m a lucky young woman. I really am. 🙂


Meaning yesterday (Tuesday). Meaning my degree check is in the clear and I’m on a roll to graduate!

So we celebrated.

My one evening class will be dicey. More so because people are rude, the students themselves thinking they have it all figured out when they don’t.

So rather than dwell, hit the pub for a beer and food. As good a reason as any to celebrate. 🙂

I’m on a roll!

Plus classes are going alright. Yesterday was good. Teaching is going good. I’m well liked and have the capability to finish with flying colors.

I’m excited. 🙂

Unproductive Mondays

I love it. I hate it. In the midst of the beginning of the semester, I can take full advantage of it.

However with this week, though, I need to be on my game to stay ahead. Tonight I’ll be focusing on getting files organized, looking over my icebreakers for tomorrow’s class. As well, I’ll be readying for whatever comes from my senior project class in the evening.

It’s all simple, so I’m not worried.

Been vegging, hunting for pots and pans to no success. However, I’ve found food deals on Amazon that may be worth it than hunting for food at the stores when I don’t have time.

Rather, what I need to hunt for is a good place to get a haircut. /:

With two cups of tea downed, and soup and snacks in my belly. I’ll continue to veg on some shows that keep my spirits lifted and mind inspired.

Productivity will come. ❤

The Approach to Not Being Healthy (But Not Too Unhealthy)

In other words, womanly blessings of the month kept me from moving much today. And with that, I craved junk food galore.

However, not too much and too awful.

But dinner itself was Panda Express.

More so because I refuse to clean pots and pans not belonging to me that the other residents cannot clean after they’ve used them.

Called mom today. And it was nice. ❤

It tried to rain, too.

But the heatwave is starting to break some. 🙂

And I’m having a cold coffee, while watching Amazon Prime. It’s a good Sunday, despite being in total discomfort.

Saturday Strolls

I felt a little bad that I did not join the festivities in the dorm competitions, however I needed some quiet time for myself this afternoon.

Very little was accomplished. Reading. Readying some applications for employment.

Went out shopping with my brother. And honestly it was a long walk that I needed. Though I think I’m good with spending time with him for a while. Meaning I need some quiet space, maybe make room for new people. I’m not feeling the derogatory bug right now.

I’m just feeling friendly and kind and mature…I suppose?

Even though he fed me…still need some me time to reflect and be productive where I need to.

A lot of kind girls in my dorm this time around. Very friendly in posting on my white board on my door. Perhaps I’ll start taking pics of it. 🙂

Memories to be made. Things to accomplish. ❤