Home Again; Cracking Thunder

I came back home around 12:30pm today. Overheard a phone conversation from a friend, not sure how I feel about her situation. Not sure of the details. But it was something that perked my hearing to tune in to.


Came home. Still feeling queasy. Puking last night was not fun. I don’t know why I did in such quantity. I barely drank. And dinner had sat well beforehand by hours.

My concentration is so-so today, too. And I was having issues feeling well even after I ate. Cheese crackers proved to settle my stomach all the way, though.

Chores were begun. And then it started to storm (following my shower three hours beforehand.)

So I made the great judgement call of washing grapes (black ones- not bad, a little bland though), in the midst of an entire storm raging.

My intelligence is questionable sometimes.

About to down my third cup of tea. Allergies still won’t let go. At least I have clean bedsheets tonight. ❤

And momma made me soup. With a wheat bagel to accompany it.

I have good friends who were willing to house me for the week, I believe. And a momma that knows just what I need sometimes. 🙂

Life’s pretty good.


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