Documents Found

Well, digital versions anyway. I’d say that counts- no?

Anyway fighting through a headache. Currently hearing hounds howling, coyotes yowling, sirens blaring, and various other dogs barking in response.

Mom decided to throw a fit at me tonight anyway. More of because I was reluctant to make her pot of coffee if she fell asleep. While I was dragging my heels, she finally threw a tantrum rivaling my capabilities.

It’s not uncommon. She likes to say she doesn’t. Or that I’m wrong.

I love my mother, truly I do. But she’s a hypocrite. The older she gets, the worse it becomes.

So I’m sitting here in my room, about to grab my tea and chill in here. My window’s open. I just showered.

And the Scorpio’s back to talking to me. I’m either incredibly bored, or a terrible person. Of which I cannot decide between the two. However should he desire to grab coffee when I return to that college town, who am I to reject him this time? If nothing else it will get me out for a time.

Meanwhile I’m shaking my head, dealing with an ongoing headache. I’m just tired. And allergy riddled. And always surrounded by the same routine of hypocrisy no matter where I manage to venture.


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