Suicide Squad

It was alright.

Not bad. Not great. But entertaining. And I got to see it for free. 😉 Sorry to my friend that tagged along. But I found it to be some type of karmic justice for their attitude earlier today.

Shopping was only partly successful.

Everything was expensive.

I have no idea how I’m going to survive for a month food-wise, but I will manage.

It’s hard to believe I leave on Sunday for my very last semester. It’s nerve-wracking. I’m so close to being done. But then what comes after, and the process of the clock counting down so quickly. It’s all a slew of chaos.

I’m used to chaos being normal for me. However it still brings a bout of uncertainty.

Just hanging on tight, and I’ll undoubtedly find my way.

Until then I’ll lose myself in my own insanity for a time and take the dives as they come. 😉


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