That’s the continuous string of events lately. Always clashing, always in constant contrast.

But I’m used to everything being a disaster right now. I’m somehow at fault.

It’s all normal nowadays.

Anyway, still packing and organizing. Nothing’s clean in the house like it should be and I’m only partly to blame and I’m so sick of all of the blame being thrown in my face.

It wasn’t my fault it was originally like this so don’t start…

It’s late. I’m tired. Mini fridge has been disinfected at least, and I’ve found my phone charger (as well as my tablet’s pen charger).

School, I’m almost ready.

And I’m getting mixed messages from that Scorpio. I’m intrigued. It’s keeping me on my game for sure.

We’ll see what transpires in the days and weeks to come.

And let us not forget the wasp nest on our propane tank… -_- I managed to spray it without being stung. Score for me?


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