Moved In, For the Final Time

Moved back into the dorm, preceding a lack of sleep the night prior.

Oh it was a combination of a couple of things. Worry. Stress. Anxiety. A dream still nagging at me from the evening prior.

Not to mention, in my luck, he messages me out of nowhere wondering if I wanted to move to his region (over 2,000 miles mind you), because he needs a roommate.

Mind you, this was at midnight my time, when I’m hoping to crawl into bed.

So I was miffed, making it harder to fall asleep.

Now, however, here I am typing away in a room that is mine. All to myself. I have an early wake up tomorrow, and content by surprise.

I have yet to cry about being here alone. Or being separated from my mom. Each year it’s less hard to do.

But what will happen when I leave this state behind? And move permanently?

Time will tell. Infuriating as it is.


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