Thursdays, Phone Calls, Teaching, and Headaches

New internship opportunity might be available my way soon enough.

However I won’t swear by anything. Until then, I’ll work with school and trying to improve and prepare for the end of the semester and what comes beyond college.

I don’t need my mother nagging at me, though. I know what needs to be done. And I love and adore her to bits and pieces. But she doesn’t hear me when I speak, I swear.

Went to an event out at the outdoor stage. It was silly. Found a kind-of friend of mine. Gossiped, had fun and food. Sweet guy. Pretentious gay man, but sweet.

I collect them, too.

No classes tomorrow. Quick errand on campus, then coffee with my brother. Might invite the gay man. He may enjoy the coffee break too.

School is underway. 🙂


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