Fridays, Sleep, Arguments, Repeat.

I got to sleep in. During college, it’s vital to nab it while I can.

No homework was accomplished. However my phone has access to the wifi on campus. My best friend skyped with me for about three hours. It was needed, nice, and helped the both of us. It’s good to know one of your most precious people has your back.

And my mom and I had an argument about her grabbing my last paycheck.

Otherwise a quiet day. Grabbed coffee with my brother, and proceeded to grab food at the pub (I know, I know. My spending habits are so-so.)

Soups for the next week, and simple foods until I buy some actual things to prep meals.

Down to eating a meal a day again, kinda. (Oops.)

Breathing. Being. Slowly taking everything on a day at a time.

Sipping at some tea, reflecting. Relaxing. Feeling the day take its toll.


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